To elaborate the wines and cavas DIGNITAT we mainly use local varieties. They adapt better to the soil and climate and give, as a result, wines that reflect the land where they are made. For our cavas we use the classic Macabeu, Xarel·lo and Parellada, and for the rosé the Trepat, the Black Grenache and the Monastrell.

Following the Traditional Method the second fermentation is made in the bottle. They have been in our subterranean caves a minimum of 9 months.
For our wines, which are in the DO Catalunya, we use the White Grenache and the Macabeu as white varieties, the Black Grenache and the Tempranillo as red varieties. Their blends allow us to elaborate fruity wines acid enough to make them fresh and pleasant.

For our wines we use the screwcap as it is the simplest and everyday more accepted closer system in the world, especially in young wines.
Aiming to offer a good service, we give a simple solution: Group all your pallets by combining the wines and cavas that you need (or make it only with one wine or cava).
A unique logistic platform for the whole products range.

CAVA: Boxes of 6, 85 boxes x pallet / Boxes of 12, 45 boxes x pallet
WINE: Boxes of 12, 60 boxes x pallet

CAVA: Boxes of 12, 60 boxes x pallet
WINE: Boxes of 12, 90 boxes x pallet
IGNITAT is the fruit of a land, of a people and of a way of doing that gets to our days due to a combination of tradition and modernity.
Young, fresh and fruity wines and cavas reflect perfectly the Catalonia characteristics, a Mediterranean land, small and with personality, proud of its gastronomy and its products and with an open mind that converted it in leader of a gastronomic revolution that captivated the entire world.

A pride and a tradition that becomes evident in the use of local varieties and in the accurate work in the vineyards and in the cellars. It all mixed with the introduction of technology improvements, result in a family of wines and caves with a minimalist, sober and modern style. DIGNITAT is capable to convince all the palates and with an excellent value for money.
Actually, the most modern vineyard techniques mix with our farmers' knowledge learned through a large experience, passed from generation to generation. This way the vines, origin of our wines, transmit the Mediterranean freshness and sweet flavors. All together is Dignitat, a product that dignifies our country, our culture and our gastronomy.

In our cellar in the Penedès region we are specialists in cava. And we apply all our knowledge in the making of these wines with a main objective: helping the work made in the vineyards to be expressed in all its fullness.

Young, fresh and fruity wines and cavas reflect perfectly the Catalonia characteristics, a Mediterranean land, small and with personality.